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Mar 7, 2011
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Cake and Icecream!

1: Icecream cake- literally- from One Charming Party

2: Mint chip filled cupcake from Frosted

3 & 4: Mini ice cream cone cakes from Bakerella

5: Strawberry Pistachio cake from Martha Stewart (I made this type of cake once, it takes FOREVER, but is sooo good. You can use whatever flavors of ice cream you like!)

6: Ice cream cupcake from Coldstone

7: Baked Alaska Cupcake from Baabaa Cupcake Have you any frosting

(Cute name!!)

Mar 1, 2011
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This is a true ‘cake’ and ‘animals’ post…a poster pattern I designed for Cups showcasing their ‘Cuppies’ logo (cupcakes for doggies!). To see more digital illustration and logo design, check out my personal website. Have a great tuesday!

Feb 27, 2011

Who says Europe doesn’t like cupcakes?

I just found this french cupcake company, CupCup,  and their website is super cute! (Not as good as Cups of course!) Enjoy.

Feb 22, 2011
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fashion and cake

Love it all.


1: Cups La Jolla Spring 2010 Ad via

2: Italian Vogue photographer: Steven Meisel

3: Juicy Couture Fall 2006 Ad Campaign via Laird + Partners

4: Mulberry Ad via Fashionising

5: Maje Ad, from March Vogue

6: Cups La Jolla Winter2010 Ad via

7: Tous Ad campaign, Ellen von Unwerth photography

8: Juicy Couture Fall 2010 Ad via Influence and Stardoll

Feb 12, 2011

Giant Donuts!

This ad is from Mango and I love that the girls are holding the most gigantic donuts I’ve ever seen!! Paired with ‘Bunny Donut’ from my Cake And Animals paintings.

Feb 6, 2011
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Cupcake island

I recently painted this for a friend who is moving to Florida. The Dior ad inspired my color palette. Hope you like it!

Feb 5, 2011

Brightening my day

All this snow is leaving me homesick, so I’ve decided to collage some of my sunniest photo finds to brighten up my day.

1. Marc Jacobs Ad found at La Feem

2. Lemon Meringue Cupcakes from Cupcakes & Cashmere

3. illustration by Gaku Nakagawa

4. Illustration by Charlie Harper {the two illustrations are similar, right? even though they are years apart.  love it}

5. Cupcakes from Cups La Jolla. {Banana Creme, Coco Limey, and Kahili}

Jan 14, 2011

Amazing Aqua Cake

I came across this while watching my twitter feed this morning (from @sweetapolita). Since I’ve been in a mint-y mood lately, I thought I should post it! The picture was posted on Pioneer Women Photography and it links to the Sweetapolita flicker photo stream.  You can also see more beautfil cakes at her website


Jan 1, 2011

Minty Fashion

So I’ve been working on the design of my blog and I just have to share this collage I came across on It matches my background! Plus how great is it that seafoam green is popular again, even if short-lived? That color always reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, any anything minty and delicious, like a Minty Wonderland cupcake.

Speaking of good things – A la Martha – I am focusing on drawing more these days and will be making an effort to post more of my personal artwork.  Fist things first, I had to create a logo.  You’ll see my business cards in progress below…They’re going to be printed by Igloo letterpress, a fantastic company that I’m excited to work with. I’m still debating what the colors will be…if you have any suggestions let me know.


{photos: ©ShopStyle, Genesis of a Cook, 3House Design}